‘Mathilda’ – by Steph Segarra

Steph Segarra is a fellow Puertorrican photographer with loads of talent!!  She always delivers amazing stories throughout her shoots and this time she did an awesome job channeling the 1994 crime drama thriller ‘Leon The Professional’ with (also Puertorrican) model Cenit Nadir.  If you haven’t seen this movie, see it!!!!!! and you’ll agree on what an amazing job she did!

Stephanie_Segarra_1 Stephanie_Segarra_3 Stephanie_Segarra_4 Stephanie_Segarra_5 Stephanie_Segarra_7 Stephanie_Segarra_8 Stephanie_Segarra_9 Stephanie_Segarra_11 Stephanie_Segarra_12 Stephanie_Segarra_13 Stephanie_Segarra_14 Stephanie_Segarra_15