16 Barras

So last Saturday I went to Viejo San Juan to have some drinks with my boyfriend and we saw some artist making the most amazing mural…  They were painting like any other usual graffiti wall art but in plastics that were wrapped around the poles on La Plaza Colón.


I spoke to one of the artists, Alex, and he explained that the project is titled “16 Barras” and it all started in Brooklyn where Puertorrican urban artist RIMX and himself (Alex Seel) took Brooklyn’s local people and immortalized them by making their portraits on neighborhood walls.  They now decided to bring the project to Puerto Rico and, this time, they integrated our “adoquines” (stones that are paved all over the streets of Viejo San Juan) in the portraits giving it that extra special bond to our lovely city.


A view from the back…


Alex Seel & myself

The Artists…

And here’s a video where RIMX & Alex explain the project a little better…

One comment on “16 Barras

  1. María says:

    Me encanta.

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