Golden elbow pads DIY


Here’s what you’ll need…

An iron
A cardigan
Gold lamé spandex
Straight pins
A damp cotton pressing cloth, or a damp dish towel that does not have any texture to it (i.e. no terrycloth towels)
A sharpie
Iron-on fabric tape

Step 1: Put on the cardigan/ sweater.

Step 2: Place a straight pin where your elbow is.

Step 3: Cut out a rectangle of gold lame fabric, about two inches wide and three or four inches long.
Step 4: Make sure that the sides of the rectangle are even and straight.

Step 5: Fold the rectangle in half length-wise.

Step 6: Fold the rectangle in half width-wise.

Step 7: Holding the folded edges together, round off the corner on the lose ends, to create an oval shape.

Step 8: Unfold the oval and use the scissors to clean up the shape, if you need to correct any unevenness.

Step 9: Place the oval you just made on the remaining gold lame fabric and trace it with the sharpie, making sure that you don’t get sharpie on the oval itself.

Step 10: Cut out the shape, and use the scissors to clean up any unevenness.
Step 11: Cut four lengths of iron-on fuse tape, each about three or four inches long.

Step 12: Place the fuse tape on the arm of the sweater, around the pin that marked your elbow in the center.
Step 13: Remove the pin.

Step 14: Place one of the ovals over the tape. Adjust the tape so that is underneath the oval and touches all of the edges. It doesn’t matter if there is a little tape peeking out from the oval, as it will evaporate when it is ironed.

Step 15: Place the damp cloth on top of the oval, making sure that nothing gets knocked out of place.

Step 16: With the iron on steam, press it down on top of the oval and leave it there for about 10 seconds. Do not move the iron around — you just want to press down firmly on top of the patch.
Step 17: Remove the damp cloth — the gold lame patch should now be stuck in place.

Step 18: To place the next patch, line up the sleeves of the sweater, making sure that the cuffs and the shoulders match.

Step 19: Using the previous patch as a guide, place a pin on the bare sleeve in the center of where the patch will go, to mark your elbow.

Step 20: As in step 11-12, cut four more pieces of adhesive tape and place them on the sleeve, keeping the pin in the center. Then, remove the pin, and repeat steps 14-16 to iron on the remaining patch.


Source: Refinery 29
Photographed by Erin Yamagata, DIY by Christy Kurtz

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