At Home: WESC® – WeActivist’s Superlative Spaces Fall ’12

“A WeActivist is someone that is extremely good at what they do, world famous or totally unknown. Someone that has a streetwise mentality, that chooses his or her own path with a humble persona. A WeActivist is an informal ambassador that flies the flag of the Superlative Conspiracy!”


For Fall 2012 they (WESC) visited the WeActivists in their most private, inner and sometimes completely open spaces – to see where they find their inspiration, creativity and strength to keep on creating every day.

And here some of my personal favorites:

Peter Stormare: Actor/ Model/ Musician/ Writer/ Director

“This is my gnome away from gnome. Its my cave. It is luxurious in one way and not in another way. I love this because its at least 25 feet from my main door, I don’t have to bring my cellphone here. I have a fax-machine and a telephone, but no one knows its number really and no one calls here. When I close the door its closed.”

Kim Matulova: Model/ Downtown fly-girl

“If I go to another part of town and then go back its like the second I get off the subway down here I come out and my body relaxes and its like “ahh”.. It’s just that heart of NYC that maybe the rest of town lost a little bit.”

Shelly Zander: Model/ Co-Founder of Knowmore productions

“If I am ever really loaded I want to get a hot tub, maybe a tiki bar… We could do a lot back here.”

Chris Pastras: Artist/ Skater

“We’re at my house motherfuckers.”


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