Style Icon: Kelly Bundy

Ok, so who didn’t love watching Kelly Bundy’s outfits in Married with Children??  Cropped tops, leather jackets, high waisted shorts, off-the-shoulder styles, skin tight dresses and huge hair… what’s not to love?  She was a real 90’s icon!  If you grew up in the 90’s there is no way you didn’t dream of raiding her closet (I know I did)…

ca60075c7432ab01446b87bb83875439 459cf758d8eed2371be923f81f8a85fd tumblr_lztatyBkCs1qb2t4go1_500 8f6f3348dc1e5a5e6b79cdeaabbc4484 21dc818d6b0442e9b056c9290caf73b2  cd980f1eb63b8e18bb0aaa0e9bf48298 60c8f3c26610ba5a4661059d1bbf592f 573bd9627079705a0ba330c662088c3e 3232c038ceff7bb38012b7b509c6f93f tumblr_lqkw1zAXXb1qgg2sto1_500 kelly-bundy Married with Children03 d6fd75d5d4d5c5a3dde571324f617d92

2 comments on “Style Icon: Kelly Bundy

  1. iibeez says:

    I LOVE Kelly Bundy! ♥__♥ tnx for the post.

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