Oscar de la Renta – Rest in Peace Maestro!

I was so sad this morning to hear about the death of fashion MASTER, Dominican designer Oscar de la Renta.  His legacy will be alive forever…

Here are a few of my favorite looks from his latest runway collections:

Spring/Summer 2015:

Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ss15_027_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ss15_031_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ss15_051_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ss15_071_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ss15_079_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ss15_087_hr

Autumn/Winter 2014:

Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_fw14_021_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_fw14_023_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_fw14_045_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_fw14_079_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_fw14_081_hr

Spring/Summer 2014:

Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ss14_009_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ss14_014_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ss14_032_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ss14_050_hr

Autumn/Winter 2013:

Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_lb_fw13_004_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_lb_fw13_006_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_lb_fw13_007_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_lb_fw13_009_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_lb_fw13_016_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_lb_fw13_018_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_lb_fw13_026_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_lb_fw13_030_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_lb_fw13_035_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_lb_fw13_037_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_lb_fw13_041_hr

Spring/Summer 2013:

Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ns13_013_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ns13_083_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ns13_087_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ns13_089_hr Oscar_de_la_Renta_osc_ns13_093_hr




“Walk like you have three men walking behind you”

– Oscar de la Renta




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