Izziyana Suhaimi

“Endlessly curious. My work primarily involves the use of embroidery. I am interested in collapsing the boundaries between traditional and popular cultures and exploring the links that exist between these two. My work examines how this particular mishmash manifests itself in modern times, especially concerning modern youths. Preferring to work with craft-based techniques, I am attracted to the evidence of the hand and its time-consuming aspect, which runs counter to the instant gratification and mass-production centered age of today.”                                                        -© Izziyana Suhaimi

Simply amazing!


Something Else has teamed up with Ken Done to produce their ‘Submerged‘ capsule collection:

“In 2011, Something Else worked with Australian icon, Ken Done, to produce an exclusive capsule for its ‘Submerged’ collection. Something Else Art Director George Barnes took Done’s widely renowned coral reef paintings (spanning from 1970 to 1990) and digitally remixed them. Barnes adjusted colours, contrasts and using repetition, created a new take on this symbolic art – very much reflective of a new age aesthetic. The end result culminated in a collection of printed textiles including kaftans, pants, dresses, shirts and swimwear”.

Source: Something Else and Wasteland