Up close

Here is a close up of the beautiful suede detail of ACSOB ‘s Fringe Dreamcatcher. 


Soga Wood Shelf by ACSOB

I’m currently working on opening an online store.  It will feature handmade home decor like dreamcatchers, woven wall art and wood shelves.  It will also have handmade garments and illustrations.

Here is the Soga Wood Shelf.  I will be making different variations of it but I wanted to show a sneak peek.  Hope you love it!

tumblr_nksqqojQaH1ttspwvo1_1280 tumblr_nkwx8foGdc1ttspwvo1_1280

Rigards Eyewear

“Constructed from handpicked horns of African water buffalo polished into truly one-of-a-kind eyewear, each frame by artisanal brand Rigards is a cut-to-fit masterpiece. Ti Kwa and Jean-Marc Virardis founded the label with a directional client in mind and an aesthetic in line with retailers IF, Alchemist and H. Lorenzo. Often inspired by modern artists like Richard Serra, Rigards’ new work includes a special faux-rust matte finish dubbed “Relique.” ”

Via: Stylesight

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