Nasty Gal’s Model Jeans

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Knotty by Nature – braid DIY by Nasty Gal

130327-lessons-braid22876 130327-lessons-braid22890

1. Let you hair fall to its natural part. On the side with less hair, grab a chunk of hair and spilt in three, like you’re going to do a normal French braid.

130327-lessons-braid22892 130327-lessons-braid22923

2. Braid using the normal French braid technique, but instead of adding a new piece of hair to each of the 3 parts of your braid, only add to the top piece. Keep it close to the hairline and when you reach the bottom, finish off with a hair tie.

3. On the other side of the head, spilt hair into two sections. (Note: If you have fine or slippery, clean hair, back comb and tease this section of hair before starting.) Take a small strand of hair from the right section, pull it back and cross it over to join the left hair section.Then take a small strand of hair from the left section, pull it back and cross it over to join the right hair section. Repeat these steps all the way down the back of the head creating a fishtail braid.

130327-lessons-braid22938 130327-lessons-braid22964

4. Again, keep it close to the hairline and as you’re braiding move it diagonally across the head to meet up with the one sided braid.  Tie off with a hair tie.

5. Weave the one sided braid into the fishtail. Check out this zoomed in GIF below to watch just how it’s done.


6. Carefully take off both hair ties and finish off the braid with just one hair tie. For extra messy styling, carefully rough it up and loosen up the braid with your fingertips.

130327-lessons-braid23019 130327-lessons-braid23031